PLAYOURSCRIPT supports the filmmaker, to work playfully on the subject, the idea, the plot and many more aspects of his story. Several scenes can be built with the method and questions can be examined. Whether as an author of various formats, director or producer, anyone who wants to tell a story, may apply for PYS. Whether in a team or as an individual, anything is possible.

How does PLAYOURSCRIPT work?

The power of knowledge in our hands: 70-80% of our brain cells are connected w ith our hands. Our mind can´t deliberately process more information at the same time. Through the neuronal interconnection, our hands know more, than we think. In large companies, the playful work with LEGO® is used for many years to solve structure problems, blockades in projects or individual teams. I, as a scriptwriter and director, have developed a method, where I specialized myself in using LEGO® on complex issues of storytelling.


How does a session with PLAYOURSCRIPT look like?

The author (director, producer, or the whole team) sends me the issues in advance, he would like to have a look at. If he is satisfied so far with all that has emerged, PLAYOURSCRIPT can also help to ensure and to clarify whether the idea really fits. PYS therefore also serves to confirm the draft. I, as Scriptplayer, conduct and lead the participant methodically through the issues and the process. A session lasts about 2-3 hours. The author gets tasks from me, that he can build with LEGO® in a short time. Everything is allowed, everything which comes up, is correct. With his consent, I record our conversation and take pictures of the LEGO® models. The participant gets all the material, also the next steps which got crystallized from the session.

Where can I use PLAYOURSCRIPT?

„You need three things, to make a good movie: a good script, a good script, a good script." Billy Wilder

EIt´s a very complex process, to write a screenplay. We have our plot, the characters, the subject and individual scenes, which are in our mind. Initially highly motivated, we sit down at the desk and start to write. But then, on the way, we often run out of steam. We mistreat our mind with questions, which he can not answer, driving him to maximum capacity, until he stops like a stubborn donkey in the prairie. Nothing works anymore. Now the real drama takes it´s course: We degrade our script, then ourselves, the creator, until our beloved story ultimately alights in the drawer, because we need to take care of allegedly more important things. Under a slowly growing layer of dust our story calls us repeatedly, we should take care of it again and should finish the script. We hope, that this voice may finally dry up and it starts an agonizing time ...

The doubting questions, that paralyze us in the writing process are often: What is the subject, which scenes do I need exactly, what do I want to tell, how does the characters look like, which idea does the film transport, do the scenes work out? This questions can be sustainably answered with PLAYOURSCRIPT. The author gets back a reference to its subject, pleasure of writing again and a better understanding of what drives him.

I'm looking forward to your story.

Kristine Nrecaj
Head of Scriptplayer

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